5 Laundry Habits as a Minimalist

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I don’t like doing housework except for laundry. Over the years, I’ve developed a laundry routine which helped me to save time and money. I’ve adopted these laundry habits for years, and they totally worked well for me and have made my life easier. If you feel like laundry is something you hate, try to use the simpler way to do it. Today I’d to share 5 laundry tips with you and hope you’ll find them helpful.

5 Laundry Habits as a Minimalist

Use Less Detergent

I found out that there is no difference when I use less laundry detergent. Our clothes still come out clean and fresh. I use only half of amount that the detergent bottle recommended.

No Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are never necessary to our laundry. I don’t like the chemical in the dryer sheets and I don’t even use them to remove static cling from our clothes.

There are some other natural ways to remove static such as using wool dryer balls or throw white vinegar in the rinse cycle. For me, I just not using any of them.

Do a Load of Laundry Every Day

I like to throw a load of laundry in the washer at night every single day. I only spend a little time each day to do the task to keep my home clean and tidy. I talked about this habit before and by doing a load daily save me so much time.

Use Cold Water

I use cold water for all our laundry. Yes, all laundry! It totally gets the job done. If there is any washcloth that is greasy, I’ll roughly hand wash in dish soap first and rinse it, then put it in the washer. That’s less than a minute work. Wash clothes in cold water conserve energy and save money.

Always pretreat stains as soon as possible before washing. Blood stains have to use cold water. Hot water could make the stain set in.

Sort by Fabric Type

I don’t sort laundry by colors most of the time. Only when I buy a new red or black one, I’ll sort it into the dark colors clothing and do the wash. Then, no more sorting next time.

The way I really care is sorting laundry by fabric type. Something like down jacket, fleece jacket, sweater, pantyhose, swimwear or anything I think they are delicates and need a shorter wash cycle, they will all in one load of laundry. I use the delicate cycle to get the job done and then hang clothes to dry.

When the label says wash by hand, 99% of the time I don’t wash by hand. I just get it in the delicates laundry wash bag and put it on the delicate cycle wash.

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I don’t keep basket of clean laundry. I only keep one hamper in the bathroom for dirty clothes. Once the clothes are all done in dryer, I’ll transfer them to the bed in my bedroom. (Laundry room is the same floor as my bedroom) I fold them on my bed and put them away immediately. My easy laundry routine works well for me and this simplified routine can help me save time and money. Try to simplify your routine and it’ll improve your life.

simple laundry routines, simplify your life, minimalism

simplify laundry routines, minimalism

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4 thoughts on “5 Laundry Habits as a Minimalist

  1. Wow! These are really shifts in thinking for our family. Not sorting clothes by color would drive my husband bonkers! And the same with only using cold water… I will have to do a few experiments before I could institute these as policies. I totally agree with you, the wash comes out fine with less detergent. I cut back years ago and no one noticed. 👍🏽 Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know as a minimalist, the idea is to reduce the clutter. We generally do a load of laundry a day. We have a “he” washer, and we wash everything on the quick wash. It uses less water and gets the job done in half the time. We sort our clothes by color. I bought a nice laundry “basket” from target that has 4 individual hanging hampers. We have 1 for whites, 1 for darks, 1 for colors, and 1 for pinks/reds. It is so convenient to sort as we take it off. Plus, we can instantly see when we have enough dirty clothes for a load. Our laundry room is on the main floor same as our girls room. I bought 4 laundry baskets from dollar tree and placed on a shelf in the laundry room for our girls to sort the same way. It might seem a bit crazy to think we have 8 laundry baskets, but laundry is truly not a burden like it was when we only had 1.

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