7 Minimalist Home Organization Tips That Will Simplify Your Life

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Home organization tips that will simplify your life.

Hi friends! You work so hard to get rid of excess stuff to have a clutter-free home. But it’s very common to see the clutter enter the house again if you don’t have an organized system. 

Today I’m going to share 7 minimalist home organization ideas that will help you simplify your life. These minimalist home tips can also help you keeping clutter from coming back.

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7 Minimalist Organization Ideas for your Home

1. Set Up a Landing Zone

Set up a landing strip that helps to keep your house organized. If you’re not done this yet, create a landing zone today. Once you enter your house, have a designated spot to unload your things.

A waterproof doormat to place your wet boots. A dresser, coat rack, or a wall shelf with hooks to hang your clothes, purses and jackets. Put your keys, change or receipts in a drawer or a little plate.

Clutter always happens when that stuff has no home. Take 2 minutes to hang your jacket, purse and sort your mail when you enter your house. So, you don’t have to spend another 10, 20 minutes to declutter later.

It’s good to have nothing is piling up and everything is ready to go when you’re leaving home. You don’t have to spend the time looking for things. Everything is organized by the door and not buried in clutter.

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2. Create a Command Center

A command center is a must for a family. You don’t have to make a big command station. A simple and functional command station is good enough to keep your home and family stay organized.

Find a spot for the command center where everyone can see it every day. Our command center is a very simple one. My kid’s school monthly schedule and after-school activities schedules are on my kitchen fridge door. Next to the fridge, I have a wall calendar in which I jot down all the upcoming appointments and events. Or anything we need to take action without delay.

I like to sort the mail when I enter the house. It takes less than 2 minutes. Any bills that we need to pay, school notices, or any papers that need to be filed will go to my pending folder. I’ve always dealt with this folder on the weekend. It keeps me organized and I get them all done over the weekend.

A wall-mounted hanging basket is also a good idea to keep all the papers without missing. Be careful not to put all the junk in the basket. Only keep those papers that need to take action and remember to clear the basket once a week.

3. Keep Cleaning Supplies Easy to Reach

House cleaning is no fun but we can do something to make it easier for us. Keep all the cleaning supplies and tools in a cleaning caddy that is easily accessible.

I like to store one set of cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink downstairs and one set under the bathroom sink upstairs. These are the best ways to organize the cleaning supplies and you will have no excuse not to clean.

Have a cleaning caddy will save your time work around the house. Every cleaning solution and tools are ready in the caddy and easily accessible, you will feel easier to clean. Check the price on Amazon.

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4. Hang Floating Shelves

Get rid of the excess clutter and make things easier to clean will simplify your life. I like to add floating shelves in the living room and bedrooms. When things are elevated, it’s easier to clean.

Here are some decorating ideas for floating shelves. When you live in a smaller house, the mounting of floating shelves on a wall is a very practical storage solution. They also keep your room neat and organized.

5. Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture can help you make the most of your home, especially when you live in a smaller space. Smart furniture like an ottoman not only provides a footrest for you, it can also be extra seating, a coffee table, and hidden space-saving storage to a living room.

My camera, tripod and charger, etc. are all in the ottoman in our living room. It’s the best place to store them. I can easily take them out anytime when I want to use and it keeps my camera dust-free.

6. Under Bed Storage

To maximize space, put a few rolling storage boxes or plastic containers under your bed. This way you can fully utilize your under-bed space.

Put all the off-season clothing, toys, wrapping paper and holiday decorations, crafting materials, toolbox, etc. under the bed. Keep things that are used less regularly under the bed.

I like to store all our suitcases under the bed. If your bed is not high enough, try to use bed risers. They can elevate your bed and give you storage space.

7. Think Twice Before Purchase

Think twice before you buy. I think it’s the most important minimalist mindset when you go to have a minimalist home.

Declutter the whole house might take you so much time. After decluttering, you start to organize everything neat and tidy. Finally, you enjoy having a clutter-free home. But if you keep buying things you don’t need, you just go on accumulating things again.

Before you buy an item, ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I have space for it?

If you can’t resist online sales or items that are not necessities, try to cut your online shopping habits for a month. Put the items on your wish list and wait for one month to see what will happen. Most of the time, I almost forgot that thing after a month.

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Do you have any organizational tips and hacks for a minimalist home? Please share in the comments.


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  1. These tips are great! We are still working on a central command center mainly for mail. That is the one thing I cannot seem to eliminate and I hate the clutter. Trying to find time to file or organize it isn’t easy either. I love the idea of a cleaning caddy! My cleaning supplies are all organized under our kitchen sink but not in a caddy so I have to pull them out individually to use them. Being able to tote them around in a caddy would make life so much easier!

  2. These tips are great! Thank you for sharing. I am a huge fan of the command center. I had one in my last apartment and it was a huge life saver in keeping the rest of the house clean of paperwork. My apartment now doesn’t have one room for one and I miss it!

  3. I really like the idea of the landing spot. Not only does this keep things from getting cluttered or spread out, but helps you to know where everything is. I actually have two landing spots: my dresser for keys, jewelry, wallet, etc. and the dining room table for anything else I bring in.

  4. My husband and I are trying to simplify our lives. We have made great progress, but still have a ways to go. These ideas should help, thanks!

  5. I am doing better now, but part of minimizing that clutter is (like you say) think before bringing anything into the house. My problem is that I hate to pass up a deal, but now that I am revamping our finances, I have started to realize that I buy more than we need often. By taking into where it’s going to go, I am working on solving both problems at the same time. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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