How to Clean Your House Fast and Efficient

I hate cleaning but I love my house to stay clean. I can’t stand a messy house and surround by clutter. There is no magic that means even though I hate to clean, I still have to do it.

The best way to cut down the time spending on cleaning is having a routine and use effective tools so you can clean your house fast and efficient.

Set one day each week to do cleaning can keep your house stay clean. I’m not talking about spending 3 or 4 hours to do this cleaning job, not deep cleaning. Doing this would make me hate cleaning even more.

I usually spend 1 hour on Sunday morning to clean the house. Today, I’d to share with you the cleaning tips that can cut down on the cleaning time and do the tasks efficiently.

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How to clean your house fast and efficient8 Ways to Clean your House Fast and Efficient

1. Invest in good vacuum cleaner

One of the most time-saving tips for cleaning your house efficiently is using a good vacuum cleaner. I was so frustrated with my old vacuum cleaner that it didn’t pick up those dirt, debris and hair on carpet effectively. I spent so much time to clean but didn’t get the result.

Finally, I spent a little much more money and got an affordable, nothing fancy vacuum cleaner for my 1,300 sq townhouse. It works great on my hardwood floor and carpet. It’s powerful with great suction that sucks up a lot of dust and dirt. The best part? It cut down my vacuum time in half and did a super awesome job.

2. Use microfiber cloths

Instead of using paper towels or rags, I use microfiber cloths. They’re more eco-friendly. Cleaning with microfiber is easy and effective.  I love using microfiber cloths to dust my home and clean any surface. Slightly damp for wiping up dirt, dry use for dusting and leave no streaks behind. It’s one of my favorite essential tools to use in cleaning.

3. Cleaning supplies ready

Don’t waste time running back and forth, get all the cleaning products and tools ready before you start to clean. Grab all the cleaning solutions, dusting products, disinfectants, microfiber cloths, sponges, squeegee, rubber gloves, garbage bags, vacuum and mop, etc. If you need to DIY your cleaning solutions, do this the day before. Keep all the cleaning essentials in the cleaning caddy and ready for use.

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4. Pick up before you clean

You cannot sweep or vacuum efficiently if you’ve a cluttered floor. Pick up those loose items like toys, clothes, papers, anything that should belong to its place.

5. Have a system

Set up a system that makes it more easier for yourself. Just like start cleaning from the left and moving clockwise so you won’t miss any part of the room.

Spray cleaning solutions to toilet, sink and tub, let it soak and sit for at least 10 minutes. They need time to take off the scum. Come back later, wipe and rinse.

Vacuum first, then mop. Same thing, always dust first, then vacuum. When you dust, dust and dirt all fall on the floor. You don’t want to waste time to do the vacuuming again, right?

clean house fast and efficient

6. Clean as you go

It’s a daily routine habit to make your life easier. When there’s a spill on stovetop or floor, clean it up. When there’re dishes in sink, load them to dishwasher or handwash them. Never leave the dirty dishes pileup in the sink. Sweep kitchen after each cooking and clean up dining area daily. There’s always crumbs that kids leave behind.

Keep the cleaning supplies for easy access. Wipe down bathroom counters and sink daily. Keep a basket at stair bottom to collect things that belong to upstair. All these simple daily cleaning routines help you keep your space stay cleaner longer and make your cleaning day easier.

7. Focus

Turn off the TV and computer, put down your phone or any kind of distractions. Focus on finishing the tasks by setting a timer for the amount of time that you would like to clean and just stick on it. Sometimes I like to put on some upbeat music or listening a podast while cleaning. They get me motivated to clean faster.

8. No perfection

It’s totally fine to skip some tiny little things when you do cleaning. Just keep cleaning and moving on the next task. Focus on the big picture and don’t get stuck on one single thing in too much time. You see the stain on carpet, don’t just stay there and spend 15 minutes time trying to remove it. It’s always ok to get back to work on the thing next time.

After you’ve done your work, don’t forget to reward yourself. I love to watch my favorite TV episode or eat a yummy ice-cream after my hard job.

Do you have any tips of cleaning your house fast? Please comment and I’d like to know.

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10 thoughts on “How to Clean Your House Fast and Efficient

  1. I love these tips. Who wants to spend hours and hours cleaning? I hadn’t thought of using microfiber cloths. I usually use paper towels. I will definitely try a new way!
    Thanks a bunch.

  2. Great tips! I’ve been working on the clean as you go and it really makes a difference. It takes a lot less time to clean when there isn’t clutter everywhere:-)

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