30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge + Free Printable Checklist

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Spring is here. It’s time to start spring cleaning our home to get ready for the summer. Join our free 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge 2022 if you need some motivation to deep clean your home.

For most of you, spring cleaning might not be a fun thing to do, which I can also relate to. But when you think about it, you’ll have a clean and organized home ready for you to enjoy the whole summer. That sounds good, right?

I’ve created the 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge 2022 for you to join. With this free printable cleaning checklist, you can easily follow through, stay motivated and cross off the task each time you accomplish it.

Or if you want to customize your 30-Day cleaning schedule, I’ve also got a free house cleaning schedule template that will give you the flexibility to fit your needs.

30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge, 30-Day Deep Cleaning Free Printable Checklist

Breaking up the deep cleaning tasks into small chunks helps to make spring cleaning the entire house more achievable. 

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Free 30-Day Spring Cleaning Schedule Checklist Printable

Day 1: Dusting

Dust the entire home from top to bottom. Using microfiber cleaning cloths makes cleaning faster and more efficient.

Dust all surfaces and decor. Keep an extendable duster on hand to dust high shelves and wall hangings.

Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures. Remove cobwebs from the ceiling, edges, and corners.

An extendable duster is essential to every household. It is perfect for cleaning high and hard-to-reach spots. It makes cleaning fun and easier.

Day 2: Clean Walls

You may not need to clean the entire wall surface. Go spot cleaning the high-traffic areas. Get tips on cleaning walls without ruining the paint.

Day 3: Clean Baseboards

Don’t skip cleaning the baseboards. There are so many fast and easy ways to clean the baseboards.

I like using microfiber cloths to dry dust the baseboards. Sometimes I use baby wipes to clean the stains off the baseboards.  

Day 4: Clean Your Entryway

Clean entrance door and doormats (both indoor and outdoor).

Clean out the entry closet to get a deep clean. Wash all the winter hats, gloves, and scarves before putting them away.

Clean and dry the winter boots before storing them away.

Wipe down shelves and any furniture.

Day 5: Spring Clean Your Pantry

Clean out your pantry. Get ready for a garbage bag to throw away the expired food or toss any items that are opened already and you are not likely to finish.

Put the unused items that you don’t want or use in the donation box.

Place all the items you want to keep on the counter so that you can deep clean the pantry shelves or cupboards easily.

Use an all-purpose cleaner to deep clean all the shelves. Dry the shelves before organizing and putting items back. 

Check the expiry dates of all the canned goods, sort the old ones at the front so you can use them first.

How often you should clean your pantry depends on how often you cook. I think deep cleaning the pantry 3 – 4 times a year is quite normal if you cook 5 days a week. 

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Day 6: Clean Window Sills and Sliding Tracks

Spring is the best time to clean windows, especially the window and sliding door tracks. A lot of dead bugs, dirt, and grime build up on these tracks. 

My favorite way to clean the window tracks is using baking soda and vinegar. It is quick and easy to get the grime off. 

Day 7: Wash Windows

Clean windows both the inside and outside. Pick a cloudy day to wash windows to avoid streaks. Follow these tips for washing windows like a pro.

Day 8: Clean Window Screens

Here are the best ways to clean window screens based on the level of dirtiness.

Day 9: Clean Blinds and Curtains

Dust your blinds with a microfiber extendable duster. It helps you dust the top and hard-to-reach spots. I can’t clean blinds without my Swiffer duster heavy-duty extender. It’s totally a game-changer and a time-saver when it comes to cleaning. 

If you have curtains, be sure to check the care labels and follow the manufacturer’s advice before putting them into the washing machine.

Day 10: Spring Clean Your Fridge

Empty your refrigerator before the deep cleaning. Toss old condiments, expired food, or anything that you don’t use. Place the items that you want to keep on the counter (or cooler if you have any).

Take out all shelves and drawers for washing. Wipe down the refrigerator’s interior. Wipe dry the shelves and drawers before reinstalling them into the refrigerator.

Wipe down the refrigerator’s exterior and vacuum the fridge coils.

Reorganize and restock your fridge to reduce food waste.


Day 11: Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Clean the tops of the cabinets. Wipe the front of the cupboards and drawers. Here are some helpful tips to tackle those tough grease stains.

Day 12: Clean Range Hood and Filters

Deep clean the range hood and filters. Check your manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. 


Day 13: Clean Your Stove Top and Oven 

Here are the best ways to clean any stove top, from glass to gas to electric stoves.

When it comes to cleaning the oven, I’ve always liked to use a more natural way to do it. Simply using baking soda and water can get the job done.

Day 14: Clean Microwave

Clean the small appliances such as the toaster and microwave.

Day 15: Clean Kitchen Sink and Dishwasher

Clean the kitchen sink and under the sink.

You can clean your dishwasher effectively with vinegar and baking soda. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside of your dishwasher.

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Day 16: Wash Bedding

Wash all bedding that includes bed sheets, pillowcases, comforters, mattress covers, duvet covers, blankets, etc.

Read the product care instructions before washing your pillows.

Wash your winter bedding before packing and storing them.

Day 17: Deep Clean Your Mattress

You may want to use some natural ways to clean your mattress and get rid of those stains.

Day 18: Clean Bathroom Cabinets

Wipe down the bathroom cabinets and drawer fronts. Empty out the drawers and wipe inside. 

Toss, recycle, or donate any items that you don’t use. Reorganize your cabinets.

Day 19: Clean Bathroom Sink and Toilet

Clean and disinfect the bathroom sink and faucets.

Clean the toilet by applying toilet cleaner to the bowl and letting it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Wipe down the toilet seat, handle, and exterior of the toilet with disinfectant wipes.

Empty the bathroom trash. Wipe down the trash can and apply disinfectant before you replace the trash bag.

Day 20: Clean Grout

The black mold on your shower grout makes your home looks dirty and becomes a health concern. You can clean the moldy shower grout in a more eco-friendly way instead of harsh cleaners.

Day 21: Clean Bathtub and Shower

Deep clean your bathtub and shower. If you prefer a natural way to remove any stains, use baking soda

Day 22: Remove Hard Water Buildup from the Shower Head

Have a clogged shower head? Clean your shower head with vinegar.

Day 23: Clean Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

Check the care label first for washing instructions before putting the shower curtain in your washer. 

Hand washing your plastic shower curtain is fast and easy. Sprinkle some baking soda on a dampened microfiber cloth. Scrub the entire shower curtain to remove all the soap scum and grime. Rinse with warm water and wipe it with a cloth. Rinse again until all the baking soda is gone.

Day 24: Clean Mirrors

Remove the unwanted stains (hairspray, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc) with rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad before wiping the mirror down to avoid streaking. 

Next, I use homemade mirror cleaner (mix equal parts water and white vinegar, a few drops of lemon essential oils). Spray the mirror down with the mirror cleaning solution and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the mirror. 

Day 25: Clean Vent Covers

Make sure to turn off the heat or air conditioner before cleaning the vent covers. Replace the filter when your vents are cleaned.

Day 26: Spring Clean Your Furniture

Wipe and dry the table, chairs, desk, etc. Vacuum any dust or debris off your couch. Remove slipcovers to wash if necessary, or spot clean any stains.

I like using homemade upholstery cleaner to spot clean our upholstery. Be sure to test in a hidden area if you do it the first time.

Polish your wood furniture if desired.

Day 27: Deep Clean Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine helps to prevent and remove soap residue, dirt, and mold buildup. Get tips for cleaning a top-loading washing machine and a front-loading machine.

Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior of the washer.

Day 28: Clean Kitchen Sinks and Drains

Clean your kitchen sinks and wipe down the faucets. Clear and freshen your drains with homemade cleaners.

Day 29: Clean Floors

Sweep or vacuum all floors in your home. Don’t forget the stairs, the area under the beds and the sofas. 

Day 30:  Wash Floors

There are different types of commercial floor cleaners. Check the cleaner label before using it to wash your floors. I like using homemade floor cleaner for mopping all floors in our home.

I hope the list of tasks will help you make cleaning your entire home more doable. Join this 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge with the free Cleaning Checklist PDF Printable. Make a plan and you are good to go.

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30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Checklist

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