7 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

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7 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life is not as hard as you think it is. Physically, you have too many things occupying the room which makes you not enjoy living there.

Mentally, when there are too many things in your head, you can’t even focus on your work. I know, I can totally understand and feel it.

There were a lot of changes for me in the last few years.

I started to ask myself what is most truly important to me. I have a great family that I love and I want to spend more time with them.

Time spent cleaning the house just made me crazy. I want to have many more spaces in our home to relax and enjoy, not buried by the clutter.

I want to save more money, not go online shopping and buy something that I already have.

Yes, I then clearly know what I desire and I’m so determined to simplify my life for the future.

Today, I have some ideas for you to start simplifying your life to happiness. To get you started, here are 7 easy ways to simplify your life.

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7 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life and Be Happy

1. De-clutter and get organized

You now have to start purging things in every corner of your house. We only keep things that we use and love.

I started with my daughter’s bedroom. We donated all her baby’s clothes, just kept a few pieces that we love to have the sweet memories.

All toys that are not played with for more than a year need to go. During the process, it is better to finish one room and move on next.

I got rid of tons of kitchen utensils. They are all duplicates, I chose one that I love and gave the extra to my friends.

Lastly, we use bins and containers to sort things. Everything has to keep tidy, organized, and easily accessible.

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2. Use everything you already have

We always like to buy in bulk on sale. But, do you have uneaten food that goes rotten before finishing it and ends up getting tossed in the trash? It just wastes food and money.

To avoid grocery waste, do the weekly meal planning, and write a shopping list.

Instead of buying a bulk of meat, check your fridge and freezer first to see if you have those already.

Use everything before you buy something new. It is not limited to your grocery, even your cosmetics, and skincare products, only purchase a new one when it is completely used up.

3. Spend money wisely

I always plan ahead before purchasing an expensive item. You need to do some research before you go.

All because I don’t need them today, I would go online to check the product reviews, get to know the prices and quality, compare prices with different retail and wait for a good deal.

For the clothing, there is no point in paying a full price for the same item if you can be patient and get it half price when the item is on sale.

Before you buy anything, ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I have a similar thing at home? Do I use it?

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4. Make lists

Get yourself a planner, notepad, or go digital, sit down and make a list of tasks that you need to accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but I always like to plan ahead, write down what I need to do, what I need to buy, and what ideas I want to share.

I’m a planner addict. I love to use my Midori Traveler’s Notebook to keep me organized. I feel like I can be more efficient and organized on busy days.

You may read more here to see how I use my Midori Traveler’s Notebook to get me motivated and increase my productivity.

5. Stay positive

Since unpleasant and negative thoughts turn your mind off and will get you fear, strive to develop good thoughts in your head.

Stop worrying about anything that will not happen yet. Even when something goes wrong, turn your attention to fixing it rather than worrying about it.

I encourage you to keep a gratitude journal and make yourself count blessings each night. It will improve your well-being and reduce stress.

6. Learn to say no

I know it can be difficult to say no when there are opportunities, offers, or invites to us.

However, it is important to remind yourself every day to focus on the things that matter to you.

You have to learn to say no politely when you feel you don’t have time to make it.

Look over your main priorities and just stay true to yourself. Identify what and who is more important to you and spend your valuable time with them.

7. Exercise

You don’t really need to buy a gym membership to make yourself exercise. You just only need comfortable wear and go in nature.

Take walks and touch nature in the fresh air, let go of all stress and enjoy being calm.

Going in nature is a simple and soothing way for you to refresh and relax your body and mind. I found myself content and tranquil in nature.

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I hope all the above will motivate you to start simplifying your life. Let go of all the unnecessary possessions, live and enjoy fully every moment of life.



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7 simple ways to become a minimalist. Start simplifying your life that will make your life happier.

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  1. All fabulous ideas! I think you’re spot on with the fact we try to do so much to simplify our lives and we end up making it more complicated.

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