100 Easy Things to Get Rid of Right Now

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Things to Get Rid of, things to declutter from your home

Today I’m going to share a decluttering checklist with you. This guide will help you declutter every room in your home and make decluttering easier.

If your house is so cluttered, you don’t know where to start or what to purge, this is the plan you can try. Follow this declutter list of 100 easy things to get rid of to help you declutter your home fast.

Decluttering your house doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need to purge all stuff in one day. Start small. Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering any area in your home and do it consistently. You’ll see amazing results sooner than you think.

Before you start decluttering, get 3 bags and 1 basket ready. Label them “Trash”, “Donate” and “Recycle”. And those items you want to keep, put them in the basket.

Be ruthless when you declutter your home. When you find yourself feeling stuck, here are the questions you can ask yourself to determine whether to keep the item or not:

Do I use it regularly? Does it fit me or my home? Do I love it? (If you love it, do you have space for it?)

I’ve created a decluttering checklist for you to help you declutter quickly. Scroll down and sign up to grab this free printable 100 Things to Declutter Checklist.

Are you ready for this declutter challenge? Get started with the easier tasks first, your purse!

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A List of Things to Declutter from Your Home


1. Old receipts that are not for tax purposes

2. Loose papers and old tissues

3. Empty gift cards

4. Loyalty cards (I use an app Stocard to store all my rewards cards. I only have to show the barcode on my phone, have it scanned by the cashier and get the points)

Phone or Tablet

5. Remove unused apps

6. Limit or turn off notifications from apps

7. Delete unused files (Back up important files to your computer or external hard drive)

8. Delete unwanted photos

9. Unsubscribe from the emails you no longer need 

Living Room

10. Old magazines

11. Outdated or broken decorative items

12. Unused picture frames that don’t hold pictures

13. Old and tired couch pillows

14. Dead plants

15. Old VHS tapes or DVDs you haven’t watched in the past two years

16. CDs that no one listens to anymore

17. Old gaming consoles and video games your kids no longer play

18. Random chargers, wires, cords, and cables

19. Old or broken electronics

20. Junk mail piles (Recycle all the flyers and cut the paper clutter by signing up for online billing)

21. Candles you don’t like the scent of

22. Unwanted gifts

23. Excess vases and plant pots

24. Clear off flat surfaces


25. Old Condiments

26. Old Spices

27. Expired food

28. Duplicate kitchen gadgets

29. Mismatched Tupperware

30. Excess food storage containers

31. Extra water bottles, cups and mugs

32. Unused pots and pans

33. Chipped plates and cups

34. Excess baking and cookie sheets

35. Unused or broken small appliances

36. Cookbooks (You can now find all the best recipes online)

37. Take-out menus

38. Placemats, tablecloths and table runners you never use

39. Expired medication

40. Unused or expired vitamins and supplements

41. Cleaning supplies you no longer use

42. Clean out the junk drawer

43. Purge unused items under the sink

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44. Old eyeglasses

45. Sunglasses you don’t wear anymore

46. Unworn and unwanted clothing

47. Unused wallets, purses and backpacks

48. Worn-out bras and underwear

49. Bathing suits and accessories like swim hats and cover-ups that you don’t love

50. Unused coats and jackets (they take up a lot of space)

51. Excess hats, scarves and gloves

52. Excess hangers

53. Pajamas you never wear

54. Uncomfortable shoes

55. Mismatched or stretched-out socks

56. Tights and pantyhose you never wear

57. Extra buttons

58. Dingy sheets and linens

59. Old perfumes or perfumes you don’t like the smell of

60. Outdated or unworn jewelry

61. Clear the nightstands/ bedside tables

62. Clear the vanity table

63. Things under the bed that haven’t been used for years



64. Old cosmetics

65. Make-up brushes you don’t use

66. Dried-up beauty products (nail polish, mascara, etc)

67. Free samples or travel-size toiletries

68. Old or unwanted skin and body care products (sunscreen, lotion, razor, shaving cream, etc)

69. Old or unused hair products (hair gel, hair dyes, straighteners, curlers, etc)

70. Hair accessories (hair ties, hairbands, hairpins, hair clips, hair combs, etc)

71. Dingy towels and washcloths

72. Bath toys your kids don’t play with

73. Old toilet brushes

74. Unused cleaning supplies under the sink


75. Outgrown toys

76. Outgrown books

77. Board games and puzzles that no one interested

78. Excess stuffed animals

79. Piles of school papers and artwork

80. Old or broken art supplies

81. Unwanted play clothes

Declutter your home, things to declutter

Photo by Sanni Sahil on Unsplash


82. Dried out pens and markers

83. Old papers or documents that are not for tax purposes

84. Expired insurance cards, documents and warranties

85. Owner’s Manuals (Get rid of them if you can find them online)

86. Books you won’t read again

87. Ripped wrapping papers
88. Unfinished craft project you have no intention to work on it


89. Broken or rusty hand tools and tool sets

90. Duplicate tools

91. Old paint cans

92. Unused or broken seasonal and holiday decorations

93. Fitness and sports equipment you don’t use

94. Baby gears you no longer use

95. Empty cardboard boxes

96. Outdoor toys your kids no longer play with

97. Old or unwanted furniture

98. Old rugs

99. Worn or damaged gardening tools and equipment

100. Expired garden and motor vehicle chemicals

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Final Thoughts on Declutter Your Home

Tackling a big mountain of clutter at home can be quite intimidating. That’s why we include a free printable declutter your home checklist for you. 

You can purge one thing a day or declutter one room a day. Work at your own pace and do what is comfortable for you so that you’ll feel less overwhelmed.


list of things to get rid of, things to declutter, declutter your home fast

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