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Want to have a stress-free and more organized Christmas? Today I’ve got a Free Printable Christmas Planner as a Christmas gift for you.

The Christmas season is one of my favorite and most joyful times of the year. Using a Christmas planner can help me organize my ideas and keep track of my holiday budget.

Cleaning and decorating the house, baking goods, cooking holiday meals, buying or making thoughtful gifts, getting the house ready for guests, etc. It might be a little chaotic and overwhelming if you don’t have a plan.

Use this Christmas planner to prepare for Christmas. By planning early, you will have more time and energy to make the holiday season more enjoyable.

Scroll down and sign up to download (for personal use only please) the free printable planner and use it to plan ahead for the holidays. 

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How to use this free printable Christmas planner

This printable holiday planner comes with a beautiful cover page and 15 planning pages.

The planner is functional and easy to use, which can help you manage your time and money. So plan early and get prepared to eliminate the holiday stress.

You can easily print the planner pages in 8.5 x 11″ US letter size with your home printer. Print as multiple pages as you need or skip any pages you won’t use.

I love to keep them all in a portfolio folder to stay organized and easily accessible.

To have a stress-free holiday season, organize your tasks and schedule them into the planner. 

Gift List

Plan your Christmas giving. You may want to shop for some practical gifts that people will actually use. 

List out the gifts you need to buy. A gift tracker will help you stick to your budget. 

Online Shopping Tracker

Start your Christmas shopping early to ensure delivery before Christmas Day. Do your research to find a good deal. Use the shopping tracker to keep track of what you’ve bought and stay on budget during the holidays.

Christmas Card Checklist

Plan who you will send cards to and update the addresses. Make sure to send them out in time for Christmas.

Christmas Menu

Plan your holiday menu ahead of time especially when you are going to host Christmas dinner. 

Guest List

Send out invitations at least 3-4 weeks in advance. This includes knowing the number of guests coming and their preferences that helping to plan the meals. 

Christmas Baking List

Write down a list of ingredients you will need for your Christmas baking. Check your cupboard to see if the ingredients are still fresh or expired.

Grocery List

Having a grocery shopping list ensures you have everything you need. It also helps to avoid wasting food and overspending.

Christmas Checklist

A complete Christmas planning checklist to get you organized this holiday season.

Monthly Calendar Pages/ Weekly To-Do List

Keep an up-to-date calendar to manage your busy schedule. Put all the gatherings and activities on the calendar to ensure not to forget a thing.

Holiday Bucket List

List all the fun things to do this winter.

My Wish List

My daughter loves making her Christmas wish list. 🙂

Clean and Decorate

Decide which areas you need to clean and organize. Check this list of things that you can declutter before the holidays come.

Ideas and Inspiration

Get new ideas and thoughts out of the brain onto paper. Want to try a new recipe? New craft project? A restaurant you want to try? Write down all the ideas here.

Download and print out these Christmas planner pages to start planning, preparing and getting organized for the holidays.



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