3 Things I Do in my Bullet Journal to Get Me Motivated and Increase My Productivity

3 Things in my Bullet Journal to get me motivated and increase my productivity

Are you a planner girl? Do you like making list of tasks every day? Do you like journaling your life? Do you like taking notes or writing quotes when you are reading? Do you have any project that you would like to keep track of it? If yes, then, a Bullet Journal is a good choice for you!

I love how I’m being productive and motivated by bullet journaling. If you don’t know what Bullet Journal is, I recommend you to go over the official Bullet Journal website. Ryder Carroll is the founder of Bullet Journal. This system is so awesome that you could customize your need. For me, I’m not 100% follow this system. I like to customize my need to make it functional.

As a momma blogger, a good time management is so important to me. While I’m making some time to do my blogging, I don’t want my blogging work steals time from my family.

Today, I’m showing you what I’m doing in my bullet journal, and how this system keeps me stay organized, motivated and enhance my productivity.

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Vision Board

I created a Vision board for myself and put it on my bullet journal. It’s a visualization tool which makes me working hard and moving toward my dreams and goals.

Whatever short-term goals or long-term goals, just write them down on the vision board. Or just like me, tear out images from the magazines also work out great.

The good thing that I put my vision board in my bullet journal is I can see it anytime and anywhere, even I go outside. I see it every morning before I start to work. Or while I’m waiting for my daughter’s after school activities, I like to flip through my journal, write something or make a note. It’s such a good daily reminder for me to work hard on my dreams.

You see, I also jot down some useful notes when I read.

To Do List

I write my to-do list the night before. By writing down all the things I need to accomplish, I feel more energetic in the morning. I clearly know what I have to do and what I need to do. Not wasting any time wandering around.

When you write a to-do list, just remember to be realistic. A long list doesn’t help. Ask yourself how much time you need to accomplish those stuff. Make a top three things that have to be done on that day.

Set a priority and keep yourself focus. It will definitely help you to enhance your productivity.

Encouraging Quotes

I don’t know about you. Every once in a while or when I was in that weak moment, read motivating and encouraging words just gave me a lift. By reading a few simple words might change your day. That’s why I like to write down some words of encouragement in my bullet journal.

I can’t remember where I saw these awesome words. I wrote them down because I love how positive they are, and read these words always cheer me up, especially on a bad day.

Whenever I have any struggle or negative thoughts, by reading these kinds of self-love words and positive affirmations, they give me the power to move forward in a difficult time. They lead me to stay positive, focus and motivated to go ahead without fear.

I’m a bullet journal minimalist and I simply keep an eye on the above 3 things in my journal to make me stay organized, motivated and productive.

Do you use your planner or bullet journal to boost your productivity? Please comment down below and I’d love to hear!

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