12 Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas that will Transform your Space into a Stylish Oasis

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Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas

My bedroom is the most relaxing and happiest place for me after a long working day. But it looks like we do not usually spend much money on this room. I know, upgrading a bedroom can be expensive. Today, I’ve rounded up 12 DIY bedroom makeover design ideas. With a small budget, you can transform your room into a cozy and stylish oasis.

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12 Budget Makeover Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

1. Declutter

To make your room pretty, first thing first, go declutter! Donate all the old clothes that no longer fit you. Store your non-seasonal stuff properly and don’t make them a pile in your bedroom. Everything has its place. Once you get rid of the unwanted and unused stuff, you will instantly feel calm and refreshed.

2. A Creative Headboard

A headboard can pretty much be a focal point in the bedroom and sometimes can be expensive too. DIYing your own will be unique and more affordable. You may want to DIY a beautiful high-end look upholstered headboard. Corey has clear step-by-step instructions easy to follow.

Or if you are like me want something quick and easy, this stunning washi tape headboard is an alternative.

Get the beautiful floral pattern washi tape here!


Image via NICEST things

3. New Bedding

Have a clean and nice bedsheet always important to make you have a good sleep all night. Have new bed linen will get a fresh look in your bedroom. I love luxury bedding like this and I love how affordable it is. Buy one you like in your budget.

4. Area Rug

Throw rug to create a color tone and texture to your bedroom. See the wall color, lighting, bedding, and the area rug? I love this neutral tone. The Gray, pink and white color combination is so cozy and stylish.

Budget friendly bedroom makeover

Image via Pinterest

5. Decorative Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are one of the simplest ways to add color and decorate a room without spending too much money. This bedroom looks so elegant with the color scheme of blush pink and gray. Find out more detail here.

Budget friendly bedroom makeover

Image via Rock my Style

6. Paint a Wall

One of the quick ways to style and transform the bedroom is to paint an accent wall. Spend a weekend to paint a wall that you like.

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7. Hanging Wall Art

If you are the one not hanging wall art because of the fear of making holes or choosing the wrong place, here are some great tips from Katy for hanging wall art.

Budget friendly bedroom makeover

Image via Avenue Lifestyle

8. Lighting

Though I love natural sunlight, adding a piece of lighting in a bedroom will create a relaxing atmosphere. While I read in my bed, simple lighting works well for me. You may also want dimmer light switches for night time relaxation or romance.

9. A Large Basket

I’m so in love with this kind of large basket for throw pillows and blankets, not only make your bedroom more organized but also add the beauty of the space.

Budget friendly bedroom makeover

Image via IHeart Organizing

10. Window Treatments

Window treatments add color and softness to the bedroom. Select a type of window treatment that shows your style.

11. Mirror

Place a mirror that will make your space visually look bigger and a fancier frame will transform your room into a modern and stylish look.

Budget friendly bedroom makeover


12. Houseplants

Add greenery to the room not only can bring beauty and life to your space, but some indoor plants can even have purifying benefits and may help you sleep better.

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I hope you get inspired to makeover your space. If you have any tips or ideas, please share them in the comments. I’d love to know.

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  1. I love these ideas! Adding plants and lighting are two of my favorite ways to spruce up any space – I like the giant basket idea, that would go great in my nautical guest bedroom!

    1. Exactly, headboards are always the focal point in the room. It will be nice to spend some time to make one. I believe DIYing one is the most unique and beautiful.:)

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