25 Easy DIY Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

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DIY Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

As we’re heading into the holiday season, today I’m going to share some of my favorite easy DIY Scandinavian Christmas decorations with you.

These simple DIY Scandinavian Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, wreaths, ornaments, paper stars, candles, and holiday table settings are all inexpensive, fun and easy to make.

The supplies are easy to find items and you probably already have those items around your house.

The Scandinavian Christmas decorating style is all about minimalism and simplicity. This Nordic design is characterized by lots of fresh greenery, pine cones, natural wood, and neutral colors, with blankets and throw pillows to add more coziness into your home.

Scandinavian decor doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re decorating a house or a small apartment, you can easily create a cozy and inviting home with these DIY Rustic Christmas decorations.

I hope the following lists of Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decorating ideas will help you design your own Nordic style home.

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25 Cozy Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. DIY Christmas Tree Basket

A minimalist Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces or on a budget. Choosing a small tree and using a basket for a Christmas tree stand instead of a traditional tree skirt. It turned out to be simple and elegant.

Get the tutorial from West Elm to learn how to style a Scandi-Chic Christmas tree.

2. Nordic Style Coziness

Scandinavians love the “hygge” lifestyle. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, hygge is a Danish word for a quality of coziness (=feeling warm, comfortable, and safe) that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home with your family.

Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Christmas decorations tend to use a lot of natural materials like wood and greenery. Lighting candles and layering different textures to make your home feel cozy, inviting and comfortable.

During this holiday season, adopt the Scandinavian hygge decor and cozy up your home by throwing blankets or faux fur sheepskins over the chairs.

3. Nordic Christmas Home

Love a Nordic Christmas home? You definitely have to go to Erin’s blog to get inspiration for some Scandinavian Christmas decorating ideas and try them in your home this year.

4. Minimalist Christmas Tree

The Black, white and grey create a Scandi Christmas theme that brings elegance to a winter home.

To decorate in a minimalist way, two white paper stars in a little Christmas tree create a simple and chic look to the space. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial to make your own paper star decorations for the holidays.

5. DIY Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments

Simple, elegant and minimal decor is the focus when we’re talking about Scandinavian design. This mini Christmas tree is only decorated with pom pom ornaments and battery-powered shimmer lights that add festive touches to the bedroom.

DIY pom pom ornaments for your Christmas tree. They are super easy to make!

6. DIY Branch Christmas Tree

Want to decorate your home in a Nordic Christmas decorating style? One of the simple ways is to bring nature into your home.

rustic Christmas decoration, Scandinavian Christmas decoration

All you need is a big branch off a tree from your backyard or woods. Put the branch in the glass jug and decorate the tree with your favorite ornaments. This natural element can instantly add a rustic charm to your space.

7. DIY Hanging Branch Christmas Tree

No space for a Christmas tree? No problem. This wall-hanging branch Christmas tree will save you so much space. It’s perfect for small spaces.

A Scandinavian Christmas tree craft project is inexpensive to make and great fun for the family. Just pick up some dried-out branches and take a few supplies. This handmade Christmas tree decorating idea brings a natural and rustic Christmas feeling into the home.

8. DIY Yarn Christmas Tree

Creating yarn trees with twinkle lights is super easy. Handmade tabletop Christmas decorations are a great centerpiece as a Nordic style of holiday decorating. Get started with the DIY Yarn Christmas tutorial here.

9. Origami Christmas Trees

Folding paper Christmas trees is perfect for budget Christmas decorations. All the craft supplies you need are just paper and scissors. Handmade paper craft is easy to make and also fun for kids too.

The origami Christmas trees are so cute and beautiful. You can use any color you like and even make a garland from them. They are such a quick idea for modern Christmas decorations. Easy to follow instructions here.

10. Scandinavian Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Keeping things simple and using natural materials are the Scandinavian interior style. Toss cotton or linen throw and pillows over the couch to add textures to the room. They create a peaceful atmosphere to make you and your family feel comfortable and being cozy to enjoy time together.

Jess walks you through her beautiful Holiday modern farmhouse. You can also decorate your home with her festive farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas even if you’re on a tight budget.

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11. Nature Ornaments

Scandinavian Christmas decorating style uses lots of natural materials. DIY Scandinavian ornaments from nature are inexpensive and environmental-friendly. Handmade nature decorations can give your home a lovely festive touch.

Want to create low-waste Scandi-style holiday decorations? Find craft project ideas here with step-by-step instructions.
Want to do more rustic twig Christmas ornaments DIYs? Get a detailed tutorial here.
Christmas stars
12. Crochet Star Ornaments

One of my favorite Nordic style decorations is DIY Christmas stars. Make your own crochet star ornaments and use them to hang on the Christmas tree. Make a starry garland and hand it out as a gift for your friend. Or add to your gifts as a decoration.

Check out a free crochet pattern here.

Or if you want to try papercraft, follow Paula’s guide to making beautiful Danish Christmas Star ornaments. They will be a lovely idea for Christmas tree decorations or gifts for friends.



13. DIY Wood and Felt Ball Ornaments

Nordic style wood and felt handmade decorations are perfect for a simple minimalist Christmas decor. It’s all about simplicity and nature.

These handmade Scandinavian style Christmas ornaments just look like modern snowman Christmas ornaments. Don’t forget to make extra for friends and family. Written steps and a video tutorial can be found here.

14. DIY Mini Fir Wreaths

Create small fir wreaths for Nordic holiday decorations, just using a couple of fir branches (or rosemary), a glass, wire, wire cutters and a hot glue gun. This is not only low-cost but also simple to make.

Mini Christmas wreaths are super cute. Make your own mini wreaths for a holiday table, Christmas tree ornaments, and holiday gift wrapping decorations, etc.

15. DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath

Scandinavian Christmas wreath DIY is simple and inexpensive. Make your own custom minimal wreath with the greenery you like. Sarah has a complete guide on how to create a minimalist Christmas wreath step-by-step.

You may also be interested in drying eucalyptus to make a Christmas wreath that can last longer.

Want to create a beautiful Swedish candle wreath? Follow the instructions here. Concern about safety, you may want to use a LED candle.

16. DIY Tassel Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas wall decorations are space-saving especially when you live in a small house. Make a tassel Christmas tree garland and hang it on the wall for a modern Nordic feel. I love this Scandinavian inspired decor that gives a home a festive look.

17. Simple Christmas Table Settings

If you like the Scandinavian decor for its simplicity, you will love this simple Christmas table setting using only a few things like a little greenery and cloth napkins.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations, simple Christmas table setting

18. Elegant Christmas Table Setting

This Danish home use very simple and natural elements like cinnamon sticks, pine branches and pinecones combine with candlesticks to create an elegant Christmas table setting.

19. Vintage Farmhouse Style

Simply use fresh seasonal greens, white dishes, red napkins and rattan chargers that give the white dinner table a rustic touch.

20. Modern Scandinavian Table Setting

Decorate your holiday table with a white tablecloth, fresh greenery, pine cones, and whatever florals for extra textures. Adding candlesticks to create a Nordic cozy feeling around the table.

21. DIY Wine Bottle Candles

Scandinavians love candles and they have the tradition of lighting candles during the holiday season. Making a dining table centerpiece by using candles and glass bottles is easy. Get the instructions here.

22. DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones and Branches

Traditional Scandinavian Christmas decorating uses a lot of pine cones, evergreen trees, or even dried tree branches. Create frosted snowy pinecones and branches and use them to decorate your table to have a Nordic home feeling.

Get the tutorial from Ananda for the beautiful rustic holiday table centerpieces. They are easy and fun to make.

via a piece of rainbow

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23. DIY Farmhouse Advent Wreath

This rustic farmhouse style decor is a simple and beautiful Christmas centerpiece. It is super easy to create. If you like minimalist Christmas decorations, you definitely like this craft project.

24. DIY Dried Orange Garland

Making a dried orange garland is simple and low-cost. It adds a natural touch to your Christmas home decor. Step-by-step instructions are here.

DIY Dried orange garland

25. Hang Stockings Without a Mantel

Not everyone has a fireplace to hang stockings. Use a coat rack to hang your white knitted stockings with the greenery to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Textures combined with natural elements make the space feel cozy.

All the above DIY Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decorations are fun to make. Will you decorate your home with any of these simple and affordable minimalist holiday decorations this year? 

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