16 Ways to Save Money with a Minimalist Mindset

I’ve stopped buying many things since becoming a minimalist. Minimalism promotes living intentionally and eliminating excess from our lives so we can spend our time, money and energy on what matters most. Once I began living a more minimal lifestyle, I felt more content and less stressed. Minimalism looks different for everyone and there are…


3 Things I Do in my Bullet Journal to Get Me Motivated and Increase My Productivity

Are you a planner girl? Do you like making a list of tasks every day? Do you like journaling your life? Do you like taking notes or writing quotes when you are reading? Do you have any projects that you would like to keep track of it? If yes, then a Bullet Journal is a…

9 Easy Summer Snacks to Beat the Heat

Hi friends! How was your weekend? I hope you guys were having fun over the weekend. We live in Ontario, Canada. We always have a long winter here, so when summer comes, we are going crazy outside to play.

Summertime BBQs and garden parties are very common on weekends and holidays here. As my kiddo is taking her summer break now, we are having so much fun to do some cooking together.


12 Ways to Boost Productivity that Make You Get More Done

I was not a person born self-disciplined. It did take a lot of daily practice to make it happen. With that said, we had to train ourselves to get disciplined by practicing daily routines. I like to be a productive person which means I could accomplish more each day. Work smarter, not harder is my…


7 Time-Saving Tips for Quick & Healthy Meals on Busy Weekdays

Today, I have 7 time-saving hacks for you, busy moms. Are you a full-time working mom? Or a stay-at-home mom busy taking care of your little ones? Life is busy. We have to get a way to make ourselves easier and happier. One of the ways to simplify our busy life is meal planning. I…