18 Minimalist Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Christmas is just a few weeks behind us. I love this time of the year that I can slow down, spend time with family and friends, baking, making crafts, and have some fun together.

Today, I’ve rounded up 18 minimalist Christmas gift wrapping ideas for you. These festive DIY gift wrap ideas are so lovely because you can easily wrap a gift in a creative way. They are very simple, fun and inexpensive to make.

I’ve also covered some eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gift wrap that are cute and pretty too. Save these minimalist gift wrap ideas for the holidays, birthdays, or any occasion.

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18 DIY Minimalist Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

You just only need a few basic art supplies to get started.

DIY Gift Wrapping Materials and Tools:

1. Natural Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping with kraft paper. Use a hot glue gun to glue a few sprigs of rosemary and tape a fresh little flower for a simple rustic look.

via Laurie Kaiser

2. Handmade Gift Bags with Book Pages

Upcycling an old book to make gift bags pouches. Using your old book pages to wrap up small and lightweight gifts like candies and treats.

via Helen Philipps

3. Newspaper Gift Wrapping Paper

Get creative by repurposing old newspapers into DIY newspaper gift wrap. Use a paint pen to write or draw things to decorate.

via CraftCritique

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4. Fabric Wrapping Cloth

Go green and wrap gifts the Furoshiki way. A Furoshiki wrap is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts or anything. Cloth wrap is an eco-friendly and sustainable way of gift-giving. Make your own lovely furoshiki this year!

via Only Deco Love

5. Personalized Gift Idea

Decorating gifts with memories. Print out the photo with your recipient and tuck it under the twine.

via duni cheri

6. Scandinavian Christmas Tags

I love the Scandinavian inspired prints and patterns. Add a personal touch to your holiday gifts with these simple but beautiful gift tags.

via the beauty dojo

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7. DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

This watercolor holiday wreath is fun and easy to create. Follow the tutorial from Lindsey. She also has a free printable DIY gift tag template for you.

via The Postman’s Knock

8. Paper Snowflakes DIY

Be creative and get crafty to make your own embellishment from paper. These DIY paper snowflakes gift toppers can also be hung.

via Giochi di Carta

9. DIY Calligraphy Wrapping Paper

Make a calligraphy gift wrap with a sharpie and kraft paper. Simply dress it up with a ribbon.

via Boxwood Avenue

10. Gift Wrap Pocket

Fold a recycled brown paper and make a few layers. Tuck a couple of eucalyptus cuttings with the birch moose decorations to add the festive touch. Kate shared more brown paper wrapping ideas here.

via Kate’s Creative Space

11. Chalkboard Art

You only need some black craft paper and a few white paint markers to create these beautiful “chalkboard” packages.

via Bonnie Christine

12. Simple Paper Bag Gift Wrap

Create these pretty gift bags with the alphabet stamps, stamp pad, eucalyptus branches and some twine.

via the beauty dojo

13. Potato Print Christmas Stamps

DIY your own unique gift wrap from something you already have around the house. Make a Christmas tree stamp with a potato and stamp on kraft paper. Embellishing with twigs.

via Fresh Mommy Blog

14. Washi Tape Flag Garland

Easy DIY with washi tape, scissors and twine. This simple present wrapping looks so cute. I can’t wait to try it out this year!

via annixen

15. Creativity Unlimited

Using things like kraft paper, baker’s twine, marker and glitter adhesive tape can make beautiful handmade gift wrap. They are simple and elegant.

via Gold Standard Workshop

16. Gold Sharpie on Matte Black Wrapping Paper

Use a metallic Sharpie marker to make your own DIY hand-drawn gift wrap.

via Ashley Hackshaw

17. Dried Fruit Slices Embellishment

Dried fruit ornaments are beautiful on Christmas trees. These homemade dried orange slices can also be decorated on top of the wrapping presents. They give the presents a rustic festive look.

via Sylvia’s Simple Life

18. Gift Wrap with Fresh Greenery

Adding fresh winter greenery on gift wrapping can make a rustic charm vibe.

via a piece of rainbow

Final Thoughts on Minimalist Christmas Gift Wrapping

There are so many ways to wrap presents beautifully. Minimalist Christmas gift wrap is simple but stylish. Simply use kraft wrapping paper, some evergreen sprigs and pinecones, or other natural elements, and then tie them up with a string. This natural rustic theme present wrapping idea is a Scandinavian style and can be used for all occasions.

DIY gift wrap using newspaper, fabric and recyclable paper are all eco-friendly alternatives to traditional Christmas wrapping paper. Now that you have ideas on how to make handmade gift wrapping paper, I hope all the DIY gift wrap designs above will inspire you to get creative this holiday season!

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