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Embracing Minimalism. Minimalist Mindset. Minimalist Living.

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As a busy mom, I’m passionate about minimalism. It made me live more intentional with my time and money on what’s truly important to me. Practicing minimalism even affects every aspect of my life. It brings me joy and freedom.

Develop a minimalist mindset will make you move forward to implement and integrate it into your daily life. It is the mindset to turn you to live minimally.

This minimalist living gets you eliminating all the excess. This excess stuff can be the physical possessions surrounding you and the mental clutter in your head.

When you go through the process of decluttering, you will feel more organized and gain more clarity of what you really want in your life.

If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you to spend some time to read it. The author can motivate you to start decluttering your home and get rid of things with no guilt.

Decluttering your home is a part of minimalism. It helps you to create more physical and mental space for new opportunities. You will have uncluttered space to enjoy your day. You will have fewer things to clean and more time to relax. You will worry less and live more fully.

Minimalism is not just about decluttering your life, it helps to make better choices and improve the quality of your life.

Minimalism promotes living with less but it is not about depriving yourself. The idea of living with fewer possessions and removing the excess make you much easier to clean and organized. In short, you can still keep what you use and love.

Having less stuff makes you choose quality over quantity. Once you adopt the minimalist mindset, you will want to avoid bringing “useless” things into your home.

You will become more careful to spend the money on buying things because you don’t want to waste the money and bring unnecessary items to clutter your home.

You may even want to reuse or repurpose the thing at your home. Just like repurposing a glass jar instead of buying a new vase.

You will want to say no more often so you can make time for what matters most. Fewer commitments mean less stress. Then, you finally have time to do something that you need to do or something that you truly passionate about for a long time.

What things add value to your life? Keep in mind that a minimalist lifestyle looks different for everyone. Everyone has different needs and priorities.

Your minimalist kitchen might be different from me. I cook simple meals and I barely bake cookies. I only keep a few pieces of kitchen equipment that I use regularly. And I got rid of a lot of unnecessary items and duplicate utensils as I don’t want them to clutter my space.

But, if you’re a baker and obsessed with cooking, baking makes you happy and you enjoy the cooking process, you might be upset with keeping just a few kitchen tools and only one cookie sheet.

I use minimalism as a tool to help me work more efficiently. My main focus is to streamline each area of life and get rid of the unnecessary stuff so that I can make my life easier.

By adopting the minimalist mindset, you can get rid of the excess, get back your space, time and energy to focus on your goals and the people you love. More importantly, it helps you to have room to unwind, relax and stress less.

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Develop a Minimalist Mindset - Minimalist Lifestyle


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2 thoughts on “Develop a Minimalist Mindset – Minimalist Lifestyle

  1. I found that my cooking ‘style’ has changed. I got rid of old appliances that I no longer use. I also got rid of duplicate appliances and only kept things that are multi functional.
    I never buy slacks or skirts unless they are neutral colored. The same rule is for my shoes.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I love to sew. I am trying to deplete my stockpile of fabric. I already completed two Christmas gifts in the sewing room by November 6th.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by! Handmade gifts are always the best. Keep the hobby you love! Being a Minimalist, we’ve to enjoy our life to keep the stuff that we love and use. I don’t do sewing but I love beading. I don’t do it very often now, but still keeping those craft supplies. They make me happy all the time.

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